Whilst living on your own has lots of benefits, on times it can be lonely and you can feel quite isolated. Seeing a friendly face can lift your spirits, break up the day and give you something to look forward to.
Whether you’d like some companionship in the morning, perhaps to chat about the morning news, or to have someone to share a cup of tea with in the afternoon, you can arrange a social call at any time of the day, and as little or often as you want.

During a social call our carers can:

• Pop in for a chat
• Read a book with you
• Help you with your hobbies
• Play games, such as cards, chess or a jigsaw puzzle
• Take you on a trip out of the house, such as for some fresh air down the local park or a coffee in the local café
• Walk or play with your dog
• Take you on a holiday or short break

Having the same member of staff visit on a regular basis encourages you to develop a comfortable relationship, where you can enjoy your social life in the company of a friendly face. This service is available on a long-term basis or for respite while your regular companion takes a break.

One of our care assessors, will come to your home, at a time convenient to yourself, to discuss your needs. The whole process will be explained in detail, she will ask you about your lifestyle and listen to what type of services you require from ANA. A personalised plan can then be put in place tailored to your requirements. We will match suitable Care Support Workers and arrange for you to meet them before your care starts. The hours and days you require can start as soon as possible or from when you require the care to start.